About Parksy

Hi I’m Darryl Parks.  I’ve been a developer since 1987 when I graduated with High Honors in Computer Information Systems from Idaho State University.  Though my degree covered a wide area from Data Analysis, Business Analysis, Management and a host of business areas, development was in my blood.  I did however enjoy a number of the business topics, particularly finance.

I loved school, thirsting after and enjoying all the topics.  Hey what developer would survive without the love of continuous self improvement?  I was however ready to move into the real world — if I was going to work this hard, someone was going to pay me for it.

I am currently on the Steering Committee of the St Louis Java Users Group.  Back in college I was the Vice President over the local Data Processors Management Association group (now known as Association of Information Technology Professionals).  Wow, its been a lot of years since I’ve heard the phrase ‘Data Processing’.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege to work in a small software firm writing and supporting Account Payable and Payroll.  For a contractor at a Department of Energy lab site.  Both a contractor and employee at a biotech company and now as an IT consultant in the aerospace industry.

In my spare time (what little there is) I prefer reading, movies and spending time with my family.

I also want to thank my eldest daughter Brooklyn for being my editor in chief.

You can contact me through Linkedin or Facebook or leave a post.


2 responses to “About Parksy

  1. Interesting article – I hope by the time that I get into the field people won’t be so … the only word I can think of here is “human.”

  2. Hi Mentor. Didn’t mean for this to come across as a downer; there are lots of good people and companies out there. The great thing is that the demand out there is very high, once you get a little experience, you can pick and choose where you want to work.

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